Our Impact

Since the inception of CORESSWC, we have provided financial literacy to students initially from the 6th grade through High School Sophomore. We now begin with 1st graders. High School Junior and Seniors apply for our scholarships and winners can elect to join our Documentary Award Program (DAP) to take the opportunity to earn additional cash when they intern and continue to demonstrate strong Finance Management Skills. Earnings escrowed towards college loan debt reduction

DAP members are Scholarship Winners who elect to intern and earn funds escrowed to reduce college loan debt when they exit college. They must meet academic requirements.

  • Earn up to $1200 per semester (amount prorated depending on start month) fall semester (Sep-jan) spring (Mid Jan-May)
    1. Earn a B+ or better in any required course for your major which results in a B+ ((3.3) or better in your overall major $300
    2. Earn average B or better across all math related classes (e.g., statistics, finance, financial literacy etc.) (3.0) – $300.
    3. Earn average B or better across language arts (e.g., English, communication course) (3.0) $300
    4. Earn a B or better on Overall GPA (3.0) $300

Please be patient as we continue to update our list of winners! In the meantime, check out our new program called “Adopt-a-DAP,” where you get an opportunity to sponsor one of our DAP winners to reduce their debt ratio.

DAP Winners 2017

Julie-Ann Destine

Obed Narcisse

Gabrielle Rodriguez

Imani Nyame

FRASA Winners 2018

Jacques Clovis

Rashawn Green

Enoca Jones

FRASA Winners 2019

Reneé Dews

Star Lawson

Alieke Parrish

FRASA Winners 2020

Trish Elleston

Alan Orellana

Mecca Pryor

Ines Kenfack Donfack

Brielle Hunter

Dianni Leon (Book Scholarship Recipient)