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Register Your Competition Category and Dish (Dessert Closed)

Phone:     +1.973-370-3440

CORE Spiritual and Wellness 
P.O. Box 303 ​West Orange, NJ 07052

Why Compete?

  1. $300 Cash Prize - guest voted favorite 
  2. You are contributing to our scholarship fund  to reduce the debt ratio of our college or trade school graduates when they exit college
  3. Play your theme recipe to an estimated audience of 300 - 350 guests eager to savor / sample your exotic treat!
  4. Trophy for the best dish per Entree Category -  Industry Chefs Voted
  5. Prize Best table / Entree presentation  per Entree - Industry Chefs Voted 
  6. WWRKitch apron w/logo and matching chef hat for all participants
  7. Sell your recipe Split - $2 each copy and split proceeds 50/50
  8. Promote your  catering service
  9. Winner posted to CORESSWC website and Facebook

WWRKitch Competitor Registration $25.00 until February 1st 2019 and $35.00 after February 1st, payments by check must be received at CORESSWC, P.O. BOX 303, West Orange 5 days before deadlines



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