Abused Women Support

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Committee Vision:  Free of violence and abuse against Women in their homes, workplace and in their communities.

  • To make our cause one of yours
  • To register for a one on one mentor, as you transition to a healthier you
  • Seeking to regain your authentic self or just need another ear to listen.

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Committee Mission:  Develop partnerships in our communities to support and empower women by helping them transition beyond all aspects of Abusive Relationships (Domestic Violence, Verbal Abuse and Emotional Abuse).

Value Statement

  • Develop  partnerships which will continue to empower all women regardless of their ethnic background who have experienced domestic violence and abuse
  • Promote accountability and transparency
  • Provide women with tools and skills in self-awareness as they transition to bettering their confidence levels and self-esteem


  • Phase 1
    • Storytelling to help empower women
    • Survivors speak - telling their story to the next phase of their lives
  • Phase 2
    • Vision boarding - dream, desire, decision, dare, dedication, direction and devotion
    • Forgiveness
  • Phase 3
    • Finding your Purpose
    • Planning, Strategy and Backup Plans

Committee Members

Dr. Kimberly Rowland

   Committee Chair

Shakirah-Campbell Huggins

Committee Co-Chair

Lorraine Ulmer

Committee Member

Lisa Williams

Committee Member