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Teen’s Financial Readiness Academic Scholarship Award (FRASA) Program

Building teens’ financial strength to: practice it – achieve it!    Application now OPEN (Call 973-370-3440 for more information)

Financial Readiness Scholarship Award Registration Form

Committee Vision: Reduce the debt ratio for our High School Junior and Seniors who demonstrate financial readiness skills, financial need, and a GPA of 3.0 or better in Financial Literacy, Math and Language Arts, if offered at their high school.

How to Get Started

  1. ​​Registration / Application Deadline – May 19, 2019
  2. Application – First 20 successfully completed applications
  3. Scholarship fund $10,100

2019 Application 

To Apply for scholarship click here FRASA Application 

How will the winner be determined?

​The top 3 juniors and 3 seniors with the most convincing  Financial Readiness Essay responses and impressive panel interview will be awarded the respective Scholarship Award, with up to three placements for each grade.

  1. Responses to Essay Questions 60% of total score
  2. Panel interview window Saturday June 16th –  Interview by 6 industry Financial Literacy Experts – 40% to total score
  3. Award announcement and presentation / Ceremony – TBD

Committee Mission:  Work with high school educators to promote the program ensuring focus, adaptation and proficiency in overall financial readiness as they exit high school into college or trade school.  Not intended to reduce financial aid.

Why Support the Academic Scholarship Program:

  • United States high school graduates deserve to have affordable college education or technical training and little to no students’ loan when they complete.
  • The economy failed in 2009 because many borrowers engaged in mortgages they could not afford, but they did not know, so they trusted their lender.
  • Financial proficiency minimizes the risks in making decisions that yields negative liquidity
  • Non client facing jobs or remote technology support jobs are being outsourced, demonstrating strong financial readiness skills is a major hurdle to prepare for the future
  • Ready our high school graduates to embrace the disciplines required to be ready for a financially responsible journey

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Trophy to each teen who successfully completes the program

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Until free college education is available to NJ students, we pursue our passion to reduce and/or eliminate their college debt ratio for students who qualify for our program.

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Committee Members

Maritza Brown

Committee Chair

Theresa Henry

Committee Member

Nicole Williams-James

Committee Member

For additional information and interest in the application process click the contact us link.  Copy: Financial Readiness Academic Scholarship Award or FRASA into the subject.  Contact Us